Daily & Weekly Practice

We recommend setting aside some time on a regular pattern for some Mithraic reading - here are some suggestions:

Zartogathas:   Click Here

Homage:   Click Here

Neo-Mithraic Prayers & Writings

Mithras - Lord of Light

Sufi Wisdom:   

Daily Extract from Inayat Khan

Full Writings of Inayat Khan

Greek Mythology:   

D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths (not online)


Zartogathas chanting

Ashoi-1 (recommended)

Darius Bagli
Ramiyar Karanjia
Koroush Niknam

Zoroastrian-themed sufi dancing

Ahura Mazda
Thou Holy Asha
Zoroastrian elements song

Iranian Traditional Music

Mastan Group

Greek Mythology

Mythic Warriors